Sorts of Lights Every Area Demands

Ambient Illumination
Pro Idea: When circuitry your spaces, consist of several circuits. This will certainly enable you to lower some lights while maintaining others brighter, an ideal remedy for multi-tasking households and also those that intend to develop the excellent feel in a breeze. are becoming more and more popular in the design trends of recent.

table lights from houzz
Lights for a washroom could be completed by utilizing sconces and also bathroom bars. Pro Idea: Also lighting is vital when intending your shower room illumination strategy. One means to do this is just by making certain the very same quantity of light comes from the sides of the area as the top of the area. Also illumination will certainly assist protect against darkness and also develop the best shower room lights for using cosmetics or shaving.

Utilizing dimmers with ambient illumination provides you regulate over light degrees, he keeps in mind. “A supper with friends and family could be a little better as well as better, yet with a dimmer you could quickly transform the exact same room right into an enchanting, extra poorly lit table for an enchanting night.”

In the kitchen area, usage necklace and also under-cabinet illumination to brighten food preparation locations. Elegant table lights as well as flooring lights give ideal job lights in living locations as well as rooms.

Illumination for a shower room could be completed by utilizing sconces and also bathroom bars. For a modern appearance, Murphy recommends including a necklace light. “It’s coming to be progressively preferred in bathrooms,” he states.

Timeless mounted lights and also image lights are one of the most usual kinds of accent lights you’ll locate, yet candle lights likewise fall under this group. “This reduced light has the tendency to develop a great ambience,” yet ensure they’re odorless, especially when made use of to brighten eating locations.

This illumination is specifically vital when doing certain jobs like food preparation, doing research, or preparing yourself in the shower room.

Pro Pointer: Also lighting is crucial when intending your washroom lights strategy. One means to do this is merely by seeing to it the exact same quantity of light originates from the sides of the space as the top of the area. Also illumination will certainly assist avoid darkness as well as produce the ideal shower room illumination for using cosmetics or shaving.

Accent Lights
Murphy advises utilizing accent illumination to display details things like art, sculptures, and also cabinets. “It could likewise be utilized to highlight a distinctive wall surface, or various other building attributes,” he states.

Landscaping Designs & Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping: Its Importance And Elements

Beautiful landscapes involve putting together the elements of landscape designs into a functional and artistic outdoor masterpiece. Landscaping isn’t just for professionals.

Beginners can find help with Landscaping Designs Made Easy on how to upgrade the value of their homes through stunning landscape. As an online resource for amateur and professional landscapers, the site provides recommendations for home improvement.

Importance Of Landscape

Constructing a house isn’t just about its physical structure. Outdoor scenery plays a major role in a home’s value. As a matter of fact, landscaping enhances that value of your residential homes and commercial properties from 5% to 20%. That’s why landscapes came into view. Having beautiful landscape invites attention to visitors and a welcoming ambiance.

What Are The Elements Of Landscape Designs?

  • Use of complementing colours
  • Lines imply movement and it is used to draw attention
  • To express form, use trees and shrubs of different variety to create natural patterns
  • Plants of different textures add mood around the surroundings
  • Scale your outdoor design to achieve balance with regards to the structure of the building and its surroundings

Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas

You’re not going to spend countless thousands of dollars on landscaping your backyard or garden when you know exactly what it is that you want. Or do you?

It can be quite overwhelming if you’ve never done this sort of thing before. Well, fear not. Here, I’m going to share some simple landscaping tips for the beginner. These are things that most people don’t think about but can make a world of difference.

First thing you want to do is (let’s take a garden as an example) is envision in your mind what you want the garden to look like. Dr Samuel Johnson was quoted as saying, “There is nothing that mind of man can conceive that the mind of man can’t solve.” In other words, if you can envision it in your mind, you can create it within reason of course.

A big part of any landscaping project is either unity or contrast. Taking the garden example, let’s say that we had a garden of nothing but roses and somewhere in the middle of it we had a tulip patch.

That tulip patch would stick out like a sore thumb. However, if we had a garden with assorted flowers, the contrast would compliment each one, provided of course that we didn’t pick colors that clashed. For you color blind fellows, don’t try this alone. Point is, you need to decide on either unity or contrast for your project in order to get the most appealing look.
Energy Efficiency in Your Backyard

Backyard Landscaping IdeasA pretty backyard can only go so far. Many experts have proven that efficient landscaping that takes into consideration energy needs, may well save a family more then 30% of their usual heat or cooling costs – either in the winter or summer. These savings could tangibly translate to almost $250 worth of savings in a year.

So how does one make an energy efficient yard? There are various things that can be considered in both existing and soon-to-be-developed landscapes.

Keep the Sun Out

One of the key considerations in landscaping includes the various weather conditions that prevail in the area. This means taking into consideration where the sun shines and what path the sunlight takes. A house’s walls and foundations, when hit directly by the sun, will absorb almost 90% of the sun’s heat, thereby increasing the burden on the air-conditioning or cooling system to keep the house cool.

Usually, the best way to keep the sun out is to plant deciduous, dense, and broad trees to the south or west of the house, where their foliage can provide shade against the rays of the hot summer sun. Keeping the sun out can reduce temperatures to up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

These deciduous trees lose their foliage over the winter and will give you access more of the sun’s heat in the winter when your home’s walls and foundations need the heat.

Break the Wind

One of the primary contributors to lowering home temperatures is the wind that blows through the house. Especially in the winter, this wind is particularly sinister as the wind chill is much colder than the normal atmospheric temperature in the area.

Plants that serve as effective windbreaks include evergreens or trees in general. In fact, even fences placed in strategic locations can serve as windbreaks.

Keep the Heat or Cool In

One of the primary culprits in the wasting of energy is the heat or cool that escapes through the home’s roof, windows and doors. It is imperative to find a way to keep heat or cool air inside the home.

The best way to achieve this is by planting shrubbery around the home’s foundations. This creates a dead air barrier, keeping the heat and cool inside the home where it matters. Experts have suggested widening the distance between the shrubbery and the house’s walls in order to increase this area for dead air.

In landscaping your yard or garden, it is important to maximize the benefits by using an aesthetically pleasing landscape. After all, energy efficiency in the area will effectively save energy and money in the long run.
Take a look at Backyard Landscaping Ideas and Projects

Got a dream design and for your Landscaping project in Brisbane? Ask  Human Nature Landscapes in Brisbane to discover how to turn your dream landscape design into reality!
Need Landscaping Design Ideas? Want to learn the how to grow healthy, fresh organic food in your backyard. This method of organic gardening lets you create a garden that regenerates all by itself .

Home Decor Crafts – Crafting Home Accessories

If your anything like me you want one of every home decor crafts you see in home decorating catalogs such as Pottery Barn.

Since that isn’t possible, I get crafty and make my own home accessories. Here are a couple examples, decorative bells or check out picture frame ideas.

Repurposing and upcycling stuff found junking is a good way to make home accessories. With a little imagination I made a strawberry rack and it all started with the bottom of a small wood crate

I found an old cutting board while junking. I wasn’t sure what I would do with the cutting board when I purchased it, but I knew an idea would come sooner or latter. It was latter not sooner but, the cutting board has been upcycled to make awood cutting board tray.

I gravitate towards old bottles and galvanized buckets. Old vintage bottles can be expensive unless you find them plain without any writing on them. I like the bottles that have scratches and discoloration from age.

With a little enamel paint for glass, the old vintage bottles can add color to any room. Galvanized bucketshave many different uses. I bought a stack of old sap buckets, painted the buckets bright colors and decorated them with numbers.

Mother nature also provides plenty of materials for creating. I made desert wood votive candle holders from dried cholla cactus.

The idea of the door knob hooks pictured came from a clipping I saved from J. Jill catalog. It’s an old clipping I had in one of my folders, they were selling for $19 each at the time. My door knob hooks aren’t exactly the same as the clipping from J. Jill catalog, but it helped form my idea.

I can use extra hanging spaces, just like extra storage spaces. I wanted hooks that would be decorative as well as useful.

These doorknob hooks were made from materials I already had around the house. They are great for any room in the house, the bathroom for towels, kitchen for aprons, bedroom for robes, or entryway for jackets.

Not only were they easy and inexpensive to make, they are also decorative on the wall. The vintage glass doorknobs make the hooks unique and different from any other type of hook. The doorknobs pictured are purple and pink glass, but clear glass door knobs can also be used.

Materials used are as follows;

  • Piece of scrap wood (any type of wood can be used)
    Metal curtain tie back hook (or any hook will due for placing glass door knob on top)
    Vintage glass doorknobs (found in vintage stores, antique stores, flea markets)
    Small eye hooks and picture hanging wire (found in craft and art supply stores)
    Screws or nails (size depends on thickness of wood and type of hook that is used)
    Wood saw
    Wood chisel (use to make a decorative boarder around the edge of the wood pieces).
    Metal sander (use to round the edges and corners of the wood pieces).
    Screwdriver (use the screwdriver for the screws).
    Drill (or use the drill for screws instead of the screwdriver).
    Sandpaper (light-medium) to sand the wood after the use of the wood chisel and metal sander.
    Paint (any color of paint to decorate the door knob hooks can be used).
    Paint brushes (one large for painting the wood and an artist paint brush to paint the chiseled edges).

Making the Doorknob Hook;

Using the metal sander, sand the edges and corners of the wood to give it a worn look.
Using a pencil draw a line around the edges of the wood.
Using the wood chisel and hammer, chisel along the drawn line to make it decorative.
Prep board for painting (my board was already painted).
Sand painted wood to prep for painting, or primer unpainted wood.
The wood I used was painted an off white so I touched up areas that I sanded with primer.
Using a thin paint brush, paint the decorative chiseled edges, corners and edges of the wood black.
Complete painting by using a stain to wash over the entire piece of wood, or use a paint wash to glaze the wood. I used a mahogany colored stain.
Spray paint the curtain tie backs with black satin.
On the backside of the doorknob hook attach 2 small eye hooks on each side.
Loop the hanging wire through the eye hooks for hanging.
On the front side attach the metal curtain tie back. I used black screws for attaching.
Insert a long screw into the hole at the top of the curtain tie back. My metal tie back hooks had a decorative piece that screwed into the top that I removed.
Sit the door knob on top of the screw.
For extra security the knob can be glued using a glue that will adhere to metal.

Your done! Now hang them on the wall using picture hanging hooks. The picture hanging hooks range from 10 lbs weight and up, it depends on the weight of the objects you hang on the door knob hooks as to what weight you will need to use for the picture hanging hooks.

Home Decorating Ideas

If your looking for home decorating ideas, they are easy to find. You can gather information from a lot of different resources. Try looking in magazines, on TV, the internet, decor stores, friends and family.
If your looking for cheap home decorating ideas for your dream home or rental home decorating then you’ve come to the right place. When I say cheap I don’t mean in quality or appearance, but ideas that won’t break the bank. Ideas that do not require professionals such as carpenters, decorators, or artist.

Easy fixes with paint. Interior painting tips for one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update and freshen the inside and outside of your home. For an all natural paint that is chemically safe try milk paint.

If your looking for ways to update your home, think about changing your lighting such as lamps, or ceiling lights. It doesn’t have to be designer lighting. you can get creative with antique lamps, garage sale finds or maybe even an old lighting fixture tucked away in your attic.

I repurposed two small $7.00 chandeliers I found at Restores and a salvage yard. The chandeliers turned into a couple sweet looking funky chandelier for my granddaughters, Skylar’s and Jadyn’s bedroom.

Junking is a good way to find stuff to upcycle. I found a rusty farm plow while junking and used the wheel to make a very cool industrial rustic chandelier. I also made an industrial looking wire basket drop light fixture from a vintage wire egg basket.

You will find it very helpful gathering information by taking photos, cutting out clippings from magazines, jotting down any ideas you may have seen or heard about.

Place these ideas in folders, they will come in handy when you are working on home decorating projects.

I made a bathroom sink skirt from an idea that came from a magazine clipping I had in my files. I simply modified it to fit my need. I have posted the original sink skirt idea as well.

I don’t know about you, but for me listening to professional decorators can be confusing.

They talk about the flow in a room, the focal point, what makes your eyes flow from one object to the other, too much colour, not enough colour, too dark, too bright and on……..and on…….!

It’s no wonder people are afraid to express themselves, so therefore, they stay safe with white and beige tones, sparse furnishings and accessories, to just leaving their rooms bare.

I’ve been kicking around headboard ideas for almost a year now and came up with this totally out of the box idea. Of course, while working in the bedroom, one thing led to another and I refinished an antique bedroom dresser that we have.

I love to repurpose, reuse and upcycle. It’s a way to save money and give me more decorating options. Creating energises me, upcycling is a great way to get my creative juices flowing. I enjoy transforming an object into a different use. Our granddaughter Skylar wanted a chippy iron headboard for her Paris theme bedroom so, I upcycled an iron porch rail to make a wrought iron headboard.
Here’s an example of thinking outside the box when it comes to room arrangement. Living rooms in particular can have a lot of doorways, windows, and fireplaces that makes arranging furniture a challenge. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself to get that perfect combination of comfort and function.
Professional advice with good ideas is great information to have, however, I do not like every decorators taste. We have our own taste and sense of style and it doesn’t make us wrong it just makes us different. So don’t let all the filibuster stop you from that home office decorating project that you’ve been putting off or those inspirational art projects you have been afraid to start.

This technique on “knock down walls”, is a perfect example of how the pro’s can take a simple project and turn it into major project in no time. Take a look and see how simple this technique really is.

I’m sharing my ideas and the stuff I like. Is it right, or wrong? It’s right for me and in our own spaces that’s all that matters. Here are some more out of the box home decor ideas that may be of interest to you.

Hopefully this information will give you a few home decorating ideas of your own, or maybe inspire you with that project you’ve been hesitant to start.
Do you hate how your weekly household chores pile up while you are working on a DIY project? Here are a few house cleaning tips that might be useful to keep the house organised.

Circus Theme Decor for Bedrooms

Circus Theme Decor is usually associated with bedrooms for young children, but I have seen some really cool Circus theme dens as well. One of my sisters-in-law has an Antique Circus theme in her family room off the kitchen and it looks so whimsical and artistic and inviting. We all hang out in the “Circus Room” when we visit.

So for this page I will concentrate first on Circus theme Bedrooms and Circus theme bedding, and then later on I will address how to decorate a Circus theme Den or Family Room. I have tried to find everything you could possibly want or need to decorate any room in Circus Decor; Circus bedding, Circus art, Circus posters, Circus pillows, rugs and other Circus decorative items. I also offer tips on how to pull it together for a smashing Circus Theme room. Enjoy!

Circus Theme Decorating Tips

How to Decorate a Circus Theme Bedroom

When my son was young, he had such a sunny disposition that I painted his room yellow, and decorated it in antique Circus posters and a big Circus pinata in the corner, with a red bedspread and blue pillow cases. I added a few Circus toys and painted his lamp with clown stencils. He loved it, and it was very easy to decorate. So you don’t need to go overboard to create a Circus theme bedroom; you just need a few touches to create a dramatic and fun Circus bedroom.

Since the bed takes up so much visual space, it’s a good idea to decide on its color first. So in a Circus bedroom, you could either get a Circus theme comforter set, or you could just go with a solid color bedspread or comforter and add in Circus theme pillows, bedding, sheets, and blankets, or even use different solid colors for all the bedding, and add in Circus artwork either way you go. There are also the rug and the curtains to consider. I think the biggest mistake people make is to overdo the theme. A few pieces do enough suggestion, and it’s a bedroom, you don’t want it too “noisy” visually.

So if you go with a patterned bedspread, you can either get matching curtains, and then stick to solid colors for the accessories, or even solid curtains too. And use different colored sheets and blankets to add to the Circus theme. If you go with a solid color bedspread or comforter, you can add a different colored set of sheets, and some Circus theme throw pillows. Maybe even a Circus canopy.

Now for the walls you have a choice also. You can use Circus decals which are a great idea for children, because when they get to be teens, they will want something else and you can just peel the wall decals off and start over. But maybe you would rather have some Circus theme art or Circus wall decor of a different type. All those ideas work great. I will add more ideas as you read along.

Circus Theme Canopy

Circus Theme Bedroom Decor

What a cool way to set the tone for a bedroom! And have a neat little hideaway too. Fun for sleepovers, play dates, and for hiding all those stuffed animals. With this as the set piece, you really don’t have to do much more to feel like you’re at the Circus. Just use some of the colors in this Circus Canopy for your bedspread, blankets, and sheets, add a few Circus pillows, some Circus art, and you are at the Circus!

Visit for some visuals.

Circus Theme Bedroom

Look how much fun this Circus theme bedding set is! Bright colors on a cool quilt set will keep your child entertained. This would look great with the canopy above too. Below I have a Circus Ball Rug that would also look cool with this bedspread, especially if you have wood floors. Nice to have a rug to snuggle your toes in, instead of a hard floor first thing out of bed. Also notice the lamp in this picture. Lamps in a Circus theme are hard to find. But you could easily cover a lampshade with striped wrapping paper to get a lamp that looks like the one here.

Circus Theme Comforter

Circus Theme Bedroom Decorating

This is another way to decorate your Circus Theme bedroom. Start with the big top stripes as pictured here. Then you can add in all the colorful accents you want to. Add some beautiful vintage Circus posters, some gorgeous Circus theme pillows, maybe a Circus theme rug, and some colorful curtains. More sophisticated than the other bedding set above. And definitely easy to turn into a different theme if you or your child tires of the Circus theme.

Bedspreads for a Circus Bedroom

Circus Theme Bedspreads

If you are going with the idea of a solid color bedspread and using Circus throw pillows and artwork or possibly Circus themed curtains or a rug, then any of these will work for you. Just choose your favorite color. Add some Circus theme pillows. Voila! Circus Bedroom. Here I am showcasing blue, red, yellow, purple, and orange which are traditional Circus Decor colors.

Allow myself to introduce myself

Let me introduce ourselves, I’m Jane and my husband is Gavin, we live in Melbourne, Australia. We have also lived in Germany on two separate occasions, once on in Hamberg and the second time on in the capital ‘Berlin’.

We always seem to find our way back to our roots in Melbourne. Who knows, we may get restless and miss having it snow over christmas and end up in the northern hemisphere again.

My hobby is painting art in most mediums, oil, water, acrylic, pencil and ink, preferably on different materials other than canvas. My other hobby is recycling and transforming discarded furniture into unique workable pieces.

We didn’t realise it at the time, but Gavin and I have been contributing to mother earth and have been green for a number of years. We have a lot of stuff that we have rescued and recycled into some pretty cool art and furniture pieces.

I’ve planned and put on my share of weddings and any other type of event from birthdays to bar and bat mitzvahs.

As much passion as I have for art and being creative, everyday life gets in the way and I find little time for the things I like to do.

I have sold my paintings and commissioned art work, but I didn’t like it. It wasn’t my hobby anymore, and took the fun out of it for me.

Our Haus is the perfect way for me to be creative with different projects and share my ideas and discoveries with everyone.

My goal is to develop this site into a home decorating neighborhoods filled with tips, tricks and ideas from not only me but contributions from our neighbours.

Our Haus also gives Gavin and I a chance to team up and work on projects together. He has the knack for finding unique stuff at flea markets, garage sales, junk and antique stores and I have fun transforming his finds.

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