Allow myself to introduce myself

Let me introduce ourselves, I’m Jane and my husband is Gavin, we live in Melbourne, Australia. We have also lived in Germany on two separate occasions, once on in Hamberg and the second time on in the capital ‘Berlin’.

We always seem to find our way back to our roots in Melbourne. Who knows, we may get restless and miss having it snow over christmas and end up in the northern hemisphere again.

My hobby is painting art in most mediums, oil, water, acrylic, pencil and ink, preferably on different materials other than canvas. My other hobby is recycling and transforming discarded furniture into unique workable pieces.

We didn’t realise it at the time, but Gavin and I have been contributing to mother earth and have been green for a number of years. We have a lot of stuff that we have rescued and recycled into some pretty cool art and furniture pieces.

I’ve planned and put on my share of weddings and any other type of event from birthdays to bar and bat mitzvahs.

As much passion as I have for art and being creative, everyday life gets in the way and I find little time for the things I like to do.

I have sold my paintings and commissioned art work, but I didn’t like it. It wasn’t my hobby anymore, and took the fun out of it for me.

Our Haus is the perfect way for me to be creative with different projects and share my ideas and discoveries with everyone.

My goal is to develop this site into a home decorating neighborhoods filled with tips, tricks and ideas from not only me but contributions from our neighbours.

Our Haus also gives Gavin and I a chance to team up and work on projects together. He has the knack for finding unique stuff at flea markets, garage sales, junk and antique stores and I have fun transforming his finds.

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177 Cecil St, South Melbourne, VIC 3205


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