Circus Theme Decor for Bedrooms

Circus Theme Decor is usually associated with bedrooms for young children, but I have seen some really cool Circus theme dens as well. One of my sisters-in-law has an Antique Circus theme in her family room off the kitchen and it looks so whimsical and artistic and inviting. We all hang out in the “Circus Room” when we visit.

So for this page I will concentrate first on Circus theme Bedrooms and Circus theme bedding, and then later on I will address how to decorate a Circus theme Den or Family Room. I have tried to find everything you could possibly want or need to decorate any room in Circus Decor; Circus bedding, Circus art, Circus posters, Circus pillows, rugs and other Circus decorative items. I also offer tips on how to pull it together for a smashing Circus Theme room. Enjoy!

Circus Theme Decorating Tips

How to Decorate a Circus Theme Bedroom

When my son was young, he had such a sunny disposition that I painted his room yellow, and decorated it in antique Circus posters and a big Circus pinata in the corner, with a red bedspread and blue pillow cases. I added a few Circus toys and painted his lamp with clown stencils. He loved it, and it was very easy to decorate. So you don’t need to go overboard to create a Circus theme bedroom; you just need a few touches to create a dramatic and fun Circus bedroom.

Since the bed takes up so much visual space, it’s a good idea to decide on its color first. So in a Circus bedroom, you could either get a Circus theme comforter set, or you could just go with a solid color bedspread or comforter and add in Circus theme pillows, bedding, sheets, and blankets, or even use different solid colors for all the bedding, and add in Circus artwork either way you go. There are also the rug and the curtains to consider. I think the biggest mistake people make is to overdo the theme. A few pieces do enough suggestion, and it’s a bedroom, you don’t want it too “noisy” visually.

So if you go with a patterned bedspread, you can either get matching curtains, and then stick to solid colors for the accessories, or even solid curtains too. And use different colored sheets and blankets to add to the Circus theme. If you go with a solid color bedspread or comforter, you can add a different colored set of sheets, and some Circus theme throw pillows. Maybe even a Circus canopy.

Now for the walls you have a choice also. You can use Circus decals which are a great idea for children, because when they get to be teens, they will want something else and you can just peel the wall decals off and start over. But maybe you would rather have some Circus theme art or Circus wall decor of a different type. All those ideas work great. I will add more ideas as you read along.

Circus Theme Canopy

Circus Theme Bedroom Decor

What a cool way to set the tone for a bedroom! And have a neat little hideaway too. Fun for sleepovers, play dates, and for hiding all those stuffed animals. With this as the set piece, you really don’t have to do much more to feel like you’re at the Circus. Just use some of the colors in this Circus Canopy for your bedspread, blankets, and sheets, add a few Circus pillows, some Circus art, and you are at the Circus!

Visit for some visuals.

Circus Theme Bedroom

Look how much fun this Circus theme bedding set is! Bright colors on a cool quilt set will keep your child entertained. This would look great with the canopy above too. Below I have a Circus Ball Rug that would also look cool with this bedspread, especially if you have wood floors. Nice to have a rug to snuggle your toes in, instead of a hard floor first thing out of bed. Also notice the lamp in this picture. Lamps in a Circus theme are hard to find. But you could easily cover a lampshade with striped wrapping paper to get a lamp that looks like the one here.

Circus Theme Comforter

Circus Theme Bedroom Decorating

This is another way to decorate your Circus Theme bedroom. Start with the big top stripes as pictured here. Then you can add in all the colorful accents you want to. Add some beautiful vintage Circus posters, some gorgeous Circus theme pillows, maybe a Circus theme rug, and some colorful curtains. More sophisticated than the other bedding set above. And definitely easy to turn into a different theme if you or your child tires of the Circus theme.

Bedspreads for a Circus Bedroom

Circus Theme Bedspreads

If you are going with the idea of a solid color bedspread and using Circus throw pillows and artwork or possibly Circus themed curtains or a rug, then any of these will work for you. Just choose your favorite color. Add some Circus theme pillows. Voila! Circus Bedroom. Here I am showcasing blue, red, yellow, purple, and orange which are traditional Circus Decor colors.