Home Decor Crafts – Crafting Home Accessories

If your anything like me you want one of every home decor crafts you see in home decorating catalogs such as Pottery Barn.

Since that isn’t possible, I get crafty and make my own home accessories. Here are a couple examples, decorative bells or check out picture frame ideas.

Repurposing and upcycling stuff found junking is a good way to make home accessories. With a little imagination I made a strawberry rack and it all started with the bottom of a small wood crate

I found an old cutting board while junking. I wasn’t sure what I would do with the cutting board when I purchased it, but I knew an idea would come sooner or latter. It was latter not sooner but, the cutting board has been upcycled to make awood cutting board tray.

I gravitate towards old bottles and galvanized buckets. Old vintage bottles can be expensive unless you find them plain without any writing on them. I like the bottles that have scratches and discoloration from age.

With a little enamel paint for glass, the old vintage bottles can add color to any room. Galvanized bucketshave many different uses. I bought a stack of old sap buckets, painted the buckets bright colors and decorated them with numbers.

Mother nature also provides plenty of materials for creating. I made desert wood votive candle holders from dried cholla cactus.

The idea of the door knob hooks pictured came from a clipping I saved from J. Jill catalog. It’s an old clipping I had in one of my folders, they were selling for $19 each at the time. My door knob hooks aren’t exactly the same as the clipping from J. Jill catalog, but it helped form my idea.

I can use extra hanging spaces, just like extra storage spaces. I wanted hooks that would be decorative as well as useful.

These doorknob hooks were made from materials I already had around the house. They are great for any room in the house, the bathroom for towels, kitchen for aprons, bedroom for robes, or entryway for jackets.

Not only were they easy and inexpensive to make, they are also decorative on the wall. The vintage glass doorknobs make the hooks unique and different from any other type of hook. The doorknobs pictured are purple and pink glass, but clear glass door knobs can also be used.

Materials used are as follows;

  • Piece of scrap wood (any type of wood can be used)
    Metal curtain tie back hook (or any hook will due for placing glass door knob on top)
    Vintage glass doorknobs (found in vintage stores, antique stores, flea markets)
    Small eye hooks and picture hanging wire (found in craft and art supply stores)
    Screws or nails (size depends on thickness of wood and type of hook that is used)
    Wood saw
    Wood chisel (use to make a decorative boarder around the edge of the wood pieces).
    Metal sander (use to round the edges and corners of the wood pieces).
    Screwdriver (use the screwdriver for the screws).
    Drill (or use the drill for screws instead of the screwdriver).
    Sandpaper (light-medium) to sand the wood after the use of the wood chisel and metal sander.
    Paint (any color of paint to decorate the door knob hooks can be used).
    Paint brushes (one large for painting the wood and an artist paint brush to paint the chiseled edges).

Making the Doorknob Hook;

Using the metal sander, sand the edges and corners of the wood to give it a worn look.
Using a pencil draw a line around the edges of the wood.
Using the wood chisel and hammer, chisel along the drawn line to make it decorative.
Prep board for painting (my board was already painted).
Sand painted wood to prep for painting, or primer unpainted wood.
The wood I used was painted an off white so I touched up areas that I sanded with primer.
Using a thin paint brush, paint the decorative chiseled edges, corners and edges of the wood black.
Complete painting by using a stain to wash over the entire piece of wood, or use a paint wash to glaze the wood. I used a mahogany colored stain.
Spray paint the curtain tie backs with black satin.
On the backside of the doorknob hook attach 2 small eye hooks on each side.
Loop the hanging wire through the eye hooks for hanging.
On the front side attach the metal curtain tie back. I used black screws for attaching.
Insert a long screw into the hole at the top of the curtain tie back. My metal tie back hooks had a decorative piece that screwed into the top that I removed.
Sit the door knob on top of the screw.
For extra security the knob can be glued using a glue that will adhere to metal.

Your done! Now hang them on the wall using picture hanging hooks. The picture hanging hooks range from 10 lbs weight and up, it depends on the weight of the objects you hang on the door knob hooks as to what weight you will need to use for the picture hanging hooks.