Home Decorating Ideas

If your looking for home decorating ideas, they are easy to find. You can gather information from a lot of different resources. Try looking in magazines, on TV, the internet, decor stores, friends and family.
If your looking for cheap home decorating ideas for your dream home or rental home decorating then you’ve come to the right place. When I say cheap I don’t mean in quality or appearance, but ideas that won’t break the bank. Ideas that do not require professionals such as carpenters, decorators, or artist.

Easy fixes with paint. Interior painting tips for one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update and freshen the inside and outside of your home. For an all natural paint that is chemically safe try milk paint.

If your looking for ways to update your home, think about changing your lighting such as lamps, or ceiling lights. It doesn’t have to be designer lighting. you can get creative with antique lamps, garage sale finds or maybe even an old lighting fixture tucked away in your attic.

I repurposed two small $7.00 chandeliers I found at Restores and a salvage yard. The chandeliers turned into a couple sweet looking funky chandelier for my granddaughters, Skylar’s and Jadyn’s bedroom.

Junking is a good way to find stuff to upcycle. I found a rusty farm plow while junking and used the wheel to make a very cool industrial rustic chandelier. I also made an industrial looking wire basket drop light fixture from a vintage wire egg basket.

You will find it very helpful gathering information by taking photos, cutting out clippings from magazines, jotting down any ideas you may have seen or heard about.

Place these ideas in folders, they will come in handy when you are working on home decorating projects.

I made a bathroom sink skirt from an idea that came from a magazine clipping I had in my files. I simply modified it to fit my need. I have posted the original sink skirt idea as well.

I don’t know about you, but for me listening to professional decorators can be confusing.

They talk about the flow in a room, the focal point, what makes your eyes flow from one object to the other, too much colour, not enough colour, too dark, too bright and on……..and on…….!

It’s no wonder people are afraid to express themselves, so therefore, they stay safe with white and beige tones, sparse furnishings and accessories, to just leaving their rooms bare.

I’ve been kicking around headboard ideas for almost a year now and came up with this totally out of the box idea. Of course, while working in the bedroom, one thing led to another and I refinished an antique bedroom dresser that we have.

I love to repurpose, reuse and upcycle. It’s a way to save money and give me more decorating options. Creating energises me, upcycling is a great way to get my creative juices flowing. I enjoy transforming an object into a different use. Our granddaughter Skylar wanted a chippy iron headboard for her Paris theme bedroom so, I upcycled an iron porch rail to make a wrought iron headboard.
Here’s an example of thinking outside the box when it comes to room arrangement. Living rooms in particular can have a lot of doorways, windows, and fireplaces that makes arranging furniture a challenge. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself to get that perfect combination of comfort and function.
Professional advice with good ideas is great information to have, however, I do not like every decorators taste. We have our own taste and sense of style and it doesn’t make us wrong it just makes us different. So don’t let all the filibuster stop you from that home office decorating project that you’ve been putting off or those inspirational art projects you have been afraid to start.

This technique on “knock down walls”, is a perfect example of how the pro’s can take a simple project and turn it into major project in no time. Take a look and see how simple this technique really is.

I’m sharing my ideas and the stuff I like. Is it right, or wrong? It’s right for me and in our own spaces that’s all that matters. Here are some more out of the box home decor ideas that may be of interest to you.

Hopefully this information will give you a few home decorating ideas of your own, or maybe inspire you with that project you’ve been hesitant to start.
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