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Landscaping: Its Importance And Elements

Beautiful landscapes involve putting together the elements of landscape designs into a functional and artistic outdoor masterpiece. Landscaping isn’t just for professionals.

Beginners can find help with Landscaping Designs Made Easy on how to upgrade the value of their homes through stunning landscape. As an online resource for amateur and professional landscapers, the site provides recommendations for home improvement.

Importance Of Landscape

Constructing a house isn’t just about its physical structure. Outdoor scenery plays a major role in a home’s value. As a matter of fact, landscaping enhances that value of your residential homes and commercial properties from 5% to 20%. That’s why landscapes came into view. Having beautiful landscape invites attention to visitors and a welcoming ambiance.

What Are The Elements Of Landscape Designs?

  • Use of complementing colours
  • Lines imply movement and it is used to draw attention
  • To express form, use trees and shrubs of different variety to create natural patterns
  • Plants of different textures add mood around the surroundings
  • Scale your outdoor design to achieve balance with regards to the structure of the building and its surroundings

Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas

You’re not going to spend countless thousands of dollars on landscaping your backyard or garden when you know exactly what it is that you want. Or do you?

It can be quite overwhelming if you’ve never done this sort of thing before. Well, fear not. Here, I’m going to share some simple landscaping tips for the beginner. These are things that most people don’t think about but can make a world of difference.

First thing you want to do is (let’s take a garden as an example) is envision in your mind what you want the garden to look like. Dr Samuel Johnson was quoted as saying, “There is nothing that mind of man can conceive that the mind of man can’t solve.” In other words, if you can envision it in your mind, you can create it within reason of course.

A big part of any landscaping project is either unity or contrast. Taking the garden example, let’s say that we had a garden of nothing but roses and somewhere in the middle of it we had a tulip patch.

That tulip patch would stick out like a sore thumb. However, if we had a garden with assorted flowers, the contrast would compliment each one, provided of course that we didn’t pick colors that clashed. For you color blind fellows, don’t try this alone. Point is, you need to decide on either unity or contrast for your project in order to get the most appealing look.
Energy Efficiency in Your Backyard

Backyard Landscaping IdeasA pretty backyard can only go so far. Many experts have proven that efficient landscaping that takes into consideration energy needs, may well save a family more then 30% of their usual heat or cooling costs – either in the winter or summer. These savings could tangibly translate to almost $250 worth of savings in a year.

So how does one make an energy efficient yard? There are various things that can be considered in both existing and soon-to-be-developed landscapes.

Keep the Sun Out

One of the key considerations in landscaping includes the various weather conditions that prevail in the area. This means taking into consideration where the sun shines and what path the sunlight takes. A house’s walls and foundations, when hit directly by the sun, will absorb almost 90% of the sun’s heat, thereby increasing the burden on the air-conditioning or cooling system to keep the house cool.

Usually, the best way to keep the sun out is to plant deciduous, dense, and broad trees to the south or west of the house, where their foliage can provide shade against the rays of the hot summer sun. Keeping the sun out can reduce temperatures to up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

These deciduous trees lose their foliage over the winter and will give you access more of the sun’s heat in the winter when your home’s walls and foundations need the heat.

Break the Wind

One of the primary contributors to lowering home temperatures is the wind that blows through the house. Especially in the winter, this wind is particularly sinister as the wind chill is much colder than the normal atmospheric temperature in the area.

Plants that serve as effective windbreaks include evergreens or trees in general. In fact, even fences placed in strategic locations can serve as windbreaks.

Keep the Heat or Cool In

One of the primary culprits in the wasting of energy is the heat or cool that escapes through the home’s roof, windows and doors. It is imperative to find a way to keep heat or cool air inside the home.

The best way to achieve this is by planting shrubbery around the home’s foundations. This creates a dead air barrier, keeping the heat and cool inside the home where it matters. Experts have suggested widening the distance between the shrubbery and the house’s walls in order to increase this area for dead air.

In landscaping your yard or garden, it is important to maximize the benefits by using an aesthetically pleasing landscape. After all, energy efficiency in the area will effectively save energy and money in the long run.
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